The Complementary Training Program in International Relations seeks to qualify undergraduate students at FGV to be able to act in a job market that is not only increasingly competitive, but that also finds itself in the process of internationalization. The objective is to offer students who complete the program specific skills in the understanding of economic, political and social phenomena whose causes and impacts cross national borders.
The program can be attended by students belonging to all Schools of the Fundação Getulio Vargas, both in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo. In order to do so, they need to complete 16 credits, or 240 hours to receive the Complementary Training Program Certificate in "International Relations in the Contemporary World", issued by the School of Social Sciences (FGV CPDOC).
The program is tailored to introduce students to the study of international politics and explore this subject’s connections to the world of economics, law, business management, public management, social sciences, and history. Program participants learn to study problems and solutions for these aspects from a global perspective.
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