This project intends to introduce new perspectives on international relations in the decade immediately following the Second World War. To this end, it takes into account Brazilian post-war planning and her new agenda aiming global outreach, but also those from different actors in the so-called West, and more particularly those from the “Latin” nations. The research seeks to select and analyze new primary sources in different countries including Brazil, France, Britain, United States, Argentina, Portugal, Spain and Mexico. An overarching goal of the project is to promote the field of International and Transnational History in Brazil, mainly through publications and participations in conferences and seminars.

This project has funding from FAPERJ APQ1, do CNPQ - Ciências Humanas, Sociais e Sociais Aplicadas and from FGV's presidency institutional project, Global Transformations in Rising States.


Alexandre Moreli, coordinator

João Naghettini, PIBIC fellow

Past colaborators:

Lucas Maia, PIBIC fellow

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