This research project seeks clarity on foreign policy emerging powers, particularly in India, Brazil and China and their respective roles in solving global challenges. Increasingly, these countries have contributed to and influenced global governance in the areas of energy, climate change, failed states, humanitarian assistance and development aid. How to behave in the international arena previously dominated by Europe, the United States and Japan? Emerging powers bring with them a set of new experiences and perspectives on the international system, and it is unclear whether they will accept the current structures and seek to integrate, or endeavor to create new platforms such as the BRICS, which give them more influence. What are the main internal obstacles that influence the foreign policy of these countries and how they interpret global events internally? Goal of the project is to organize a series of workshops, bringing together researchers from China, India and Brazil, and publish papers that address the role of emerging powers in the context of specific global challenges.

Coordenador: Oliver Stuenkel

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