The advent of the 21st century brought about changes that significantly altered Europe’s perception of the international system, the global order and its future within it. The second half of the 2000s was marked by talk  of various crises in the European Union: economy, legitimacy and demography were all at times discussed as areas which threatened to slow down or obstruct the process of the continent’s integration. At the same time, the emergence of  a multipolar international system, characterized by a reshuffling of – mostly economic – power, created new challenges and opportunities for European Foreign Policy and international relations. This was evidenced by the renewed approach to external relations included in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and the diversification of the Union`s relations with other actors, most notably the introduction of Strategic Partnership Agreements with countries such as the BRICS. The crisis also transformed the perception of the EU and of the European integration model as an example for other regions to aim for, both in the EU’s neighborhood and beyond. Doubts about the limits of integration permeated the discourse of the architects of regional integration in areas beyond Europe, such as South America (MERCOSUR/UNASUR) and Asia (ASEAN).

The aim of this research project is to analyze the impact of the emergence of a new international environment on the EU, particularly in the fields of foreign policy, external relations, migration policy, security and global governance. Emphasis is given on the EU’s mechanisms for international projection, EU-Brazil Relations, and external perceptions of the EU.

An overarching goal of the project is to promote the field of European Studies in Brazil. With this aim, it actively fosters the development of partnerships with Think-Tanks, research centers and Universities from various parts of the world within the context of the EU’s relations with Brazil and other emerging actors. The project also engages in capacity building in the field of EU studies by hosting European Studies junior fellows.

Coordinator: Elena Lazarou.


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