Seminars and Workshops

  • Brasil Nuclear
    Palestra de Matias Spektor na Universidade de São Paulo
    São Paulo, 8 August 2012.

  • A Conversation on Global Nuclear Politics
    Debate with Carnegie Endowment for International Peace specialists
    Invitation | Photo Gallery
    Rio de Janeiro, 16 may 2012.

  • Workshop on Brazil and the Global Nuclear Order
    FGV & Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    Programme | Participants
    Rio de Janeiro, 15 may 2012.

  • The Origins of the Brazil-Argentina Nuclear Cooperation - A Critical Oral History
    Rio de Janeiro, 21 - 23 march 2012.

  • Nuclear Ambitions
    Lecture by Jacques Hymans
    More information | Photo Gallery
    Rio de Janeiro, 30 November 2011.

  • Brazil, Argentina, and the Road to the NPT
    Organization: Wilson Center | More Information
    Presentation by Matias Spektor
    Washington DC, 15 June 2011.

  • Summer 2011 Nuclear Bootcamp
    Allumiere, Italy, 23 May - 6 June 2011.
    More information.

  • Workshop on the Uses of Critical Oral History
    Presentations by Tatiana Coutto, Eduardo de Achilles Mello e Rodrigo Mallea
    Rio de Janeiro, 31 March 2011.

  • Cooperación Nuclear: Análisis del Caso Argentina – Brasil
    Presentation by Matias Spektor and Nicholas J. Wheeler
    Invitation (In Spanish)
    Buenos Aires, 14 December 2010

  • Saving Strangers
    Lecture by Nicholas J. Wheeler (Aberystwyth University)
    Invitation (in Portuguese) | Photo Gallery
    Rio de Janeiro, 9 December 2010

  • Building Trust
    Lecture by Nicholas J. Wheeler (Aberystwyth University)
    Invitation (in Portuguese) | Photo Gallery
    Rio de Janeiro, 7 December 2010

  • South America and the World beyond NPT 2010
    International Workshop, FLACSO- Chile
    Programme | Website (in Spanish)
    Presentation by Tatiana do Coutto
    Santiago de Chile, 6 December 2010

  • Book Release "Azeredo da Silveira: um depoimento", Matias Spektor (org.) followed by a debate between Foreign Minister Celso Amorim and Matias Spektor
    Brasília, 17 November 2010

  • Uncovering the Sources of Nuclear Behavior: Historical Dimensions of Nuclear Proliferation
    "Explaining Brazil’s Nuclear Behavior"
    Presentation by Matias Spektor
    "Brazilian Nuclear History: Ideas and Choices"
    Presentation by Lucas Assis
    Provisional Programme
    Zurich, Switzerland, 18-20 June 2010

  • Workshop on a Nuclear History Network
    Organized by the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars
    “Brazil’s nuclear declassifications”
    Presentation by Matias Spektor.
    Washington, DC, 9 June 2010


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