International Relations at FGV:

Skills Clinic

The Skills Clinic is a set of Professional Workshops offered to FGV IR undergraduate students and aims to equip them with the necessary practical skills for a successful career. The courses are designed based on the School's dialogue with employers in the private, public, and third sectors, ensuring that the training is aligned with market demands, including in the technological area. Classes are given by both external specialists and FGV professors.

The Skills Clinic reflects the transformative process in education that is taking place in the world's leading universities in relation to the greater inclusion of practical skills in teaching. The program aims to respond to the demand for an education that gives students the skills they need to be competitive professionals in the 21st century. In addition, we seek constant evolution by offering new workshops on a regular basis.

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The skills were chosen not only through our discussions with employers, but also through a detailed study of best practices in top educational institutions worldwide. The School represents a groundbreaking project in the Social Sciences field in Brazil, placing Fundação Getulio Vargas' School of International Relations as one of the educational institutions most aligned to the needs of the job market.

  • Communication Skills (such as Public Speaking, Visual Presentations, Debate Techniques, Negotiation Techniques, Writing for the Press, Writing for Clients)

  • Career Management (such as Time Management, Professional Social Media Management, Resume and Letter Writing, Preparing Applications for Graduate Studies in Brazil and Abroad)

  • Strategic Planning (such as Advocacy Campaigns, Project Development and Management, Stakeholders Map, Impact Evaluation)

  • Social and Team Skills (Conflict mediation, management of multicultural teams, work-oriented psychology, comunication techniques) 

  • Knowledge Management (Such as through the Office Package, the Bloomberg Terminal, and other data visualization tools)

The Professional Workshops course is a regular and compulsory subject in the course curriculum. All the skills developed will be evaluated and the grades will count towards students' transcripts.