International Relations at FGV:

About the program

Work in the classroom is aimed at developing skills and competencies - from professional report writing to data visualization techniques using programming languages; from fundraising and advocacy; to political risk analysis for financial markets. FGV IR is a program designed to prepare students to work in international organizations, investment banks, non-governmental organizations, political risk consultancies, multinational companies, media and communications, and careers in applied research.

Our curriculum interconnects different IR themes, including: geopolitics and diplomacy, war and peace, conflicts and humanitarian crises, global economics and finance, international development cooperation, negotiation techniques in multicultural contexts, political risk analysis, public policy evaluation, and Big Data, among others.


Our students have the possibility to participate in exchanges, immersions, and volunteer programs in Brazil and abroad, giving them practical experience in an international environment. To prepare students for these experiences, a significant part of course subjects will be offered in English.

The course's faculty hold degrees from leading international institutions and have extensive experience in applied research, as well as connections to the job market, including in international organizations, risk analysis consultancies, government agencies, and others. Learn more about our professors and see their research projects in the Team section.