Inaugural Class with Samuel Pinheiro Guimarães
EASP - FGV, Rua Itapeva, 432, São Paulo - 27/02/2012 (All day)

The Center for International Relations at FGV invited Ambassador Samuel Pinheiro Guimarães, then High-Representative of Mercosur, to give a lecture on the 27th of February 2012.

Ambassador Guimarães has been Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and also Minister of the Secretary for Strategic Issues at the Office of the President. Furthermore, he has written relevant books on brazilian foreign policy and International Relations, such as "500 Years in the Periphery" and "Brazilian Challenges in the Age of Giants"  

The lecture focused on the current challenges being faced by the brazilian foreign policy and the subsequent debate was mediated by Dr. Oliver Stuenkel.

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