How Immigration Will Change Brazil
EESP - FGV. Rua Itapeva, 474. - 14/05/2012 - 11:00

The economic dynamism and the greater international visibility of Brazil render the country more and more attractive for foreigners. Brazil has been receiving immigrants from all socioeconomic backgrounds and there are doubts about how the Brazilian society will react to this trend. There is also the need to bring high-skilled workers to keep the Brazilian economy competitive. 

To present the view of the Brazilian government, the Center for International Relations at FGV invited Paulo Sergio de Almeida, President of the National Council on Immigration (CNIg), a body of the Ministry of Labor which is in charge of policies towards immigration. 

The event will also be attended by Dr.Marijane Lisboa, from the Department of Sociology of PUC-SP and Dr. Deisy Ventura, from the Institute for International Relations of the Univerisity of Sao Paulo. Dr. Oliver Stuenkel, coordinator of CPDOC in São Paulo, will mediate the debate.

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