"The Green Wave" - Exhibition of the Documentary
Escola de Direito da FGV-SP, São Paulo - 04/08/2011 (All day)

The Green Wave

In 2009, during the iranian presidential campaign, the theocratic authorities that rule the country since 1979 faced a strong secular oposition, consisting of young university students and liberal professionals. The documentary by the iranian director Ali Samadi Ahadi deals with the euphoria and desolation that characterized this period, collecting testimonials, videos and texts produced by people directly linked to the protests.

The roundtable after the exhibition brought together Marcia Camargos (USP), journalist, author and curator of the Images of the East FIlm Show, Flávio Azm Rassekh, movie-maker and co-founder of the Front for the Liberty of Iran and representative of UNITED4IRAN in Brazil and Salem Nasser, Law Professor at FGV. Dr. Oliver Stuenkel mediated the debate.

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