Global Europe in a Rapidly Changing World: How to Avoid Irrelevance
Poros Island - 21/06/2012 (All day) - 24/06/2012 (All day)

Dr. Elena Lazarou attended the 9th edition of the Annual European Seminar, one of the main conferences about the future of Europe. The topic of this year's seminar was “Global Europe in a changing world: how to avoid irrelevance”.

Elena presented the Brazilian point of view and discussed the emergence of Latin America on the first session of the seminar "Convulsions in the Global Order and Challenges for Europe”, which also addressed EU-Russia relations after the return of Putin as a president, EU-China relations, EU-India relations, the rise of Asia and the role of Europe in this context. 

The event was also attended by Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov, permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the European Parliament, Dr. Mohan Guruswamy, president and founder of the Centre for Policy Alternatives, in New Delhi, councilor Xiyuan Zheng, from the Ministry of Foreign Relations of China and Dr.Bernt Berger, senior researcher on China and Global Security at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

The seminar is an initiative of the Helenic Foudantion for European and Foreign Policy. 

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