Brazil in the Global Order - Part II
Universidade de Oxford - Oxford, Reino Unido - 16/10/2009 (All day)

Brazil in the Global Order - Part II: Brazil as Global Power - Ideas, Interests and Institutions

Brazilian Studies Programme/Latin American Centre
Centre for International Studies/Department of Politics and International Relations
University of Oxford

Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação de História Contemporânea do Brasil
Centro de Estudos sobre Relações Internacionais
Fundação Getulio Vargas

Rethinking Brazil in the Global Order
Professor Leslie Bethell, Professor Andrew Hurrell and Dr Matias Spektor

Workshop II
Brazil as a Global Power: Ideas, Interests and Institutions
To be held in the Senior Common Room, Nuffield College
Friday 16th October 2009

This is the second workshop of a research programme on Rethinking Brazil in the Global Order, sponsored by the Brazilian Studies Programme and the Centre for International Studies at Oxford University and the Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação de História Contemporânea do Brasil and the Centro de Estudos sobre Relações Internacionais at the Fundação Getulio Vargas.

The first workshop -- on Brazil as a regional power in the Americas/Latin America/South America -- was held on 11th May 2009 at the FGV in Rio de Janeiro. The focus of the second workshop will be on the development of Brazilian interests, especially in relation to foreign economic policy and to climate change. It will be particularly concerned with the nature and evolution of Brazilian interests and the relationship between interests, ideas and institutions. What is the source of Brazilian interests in these areas? How have understandings of Brazilian interests changed (or not)? Why have they changed and what is the relative role of ideas, institutions and societal preferences? How have changed global constraints and structural economic developments fed through into interest change inside Brazil – or not? As was the case with the first workshop this will be based on precirculated memos of 4-6 pages, relatively brief introductory remarks by speakers, and roundtable discussion.

9h - 9h30 | Registration
9h30 - 11h | Session I: Changing ideas about Brazil’s role in the world

Chair: Professor Leslie Bethell (Oxford and FGV)
Dr João Maia (FGV), ‘The intellectual roots of Brazil’s national project’.
Professor Andrew Hurrell (Oxford) and Dr Matias Spektor (FGV), ‘On Projects and Foreign Policy. Brazil in the world since 1990: New ideas? New projects?’

11h - 11h30 | Coffe

11h30 - 13h | Session II: The changing institutional context in Brasilia
This session will take the form of a roundtable to discuss the impact of institutional change in Brasilia on foreign policy-making, especially in terms of changes in the role and relative position of Itamaraty.

Chair: Professor Leslie Bethell
Professor Maria Regina Soares de Lima (IUPERJ): Itamaraty and Planalto
Dr Leany Lemos (Senado Federal, Oxford and Princeton), Congress
Dr Celso Castro (FGV), The defence ministry and the military
Professor Carlos Pio (UnB), The finance and economic ministries

13h - 14h | Lunch

14h - 16h | Session III: Changing Interests, (i) economic

Chair: Dr Matias Spektor
Dr Daniela Campello (Princeton), ‘Financial globalization, policy space and implications for foreign and foreign economic policy´.
Dr Ricardo Sennes (Prospectiva & PUC-SP), ‘How far has foreign trade policy reflected Brazil’s changing competitive global insertion and/or interest-group pressure?’

16h - 16h30 | Tea

16h30 - 18h | Session IV: Changing Interests (ii) environment

Chair: Professor Andrew Hurrell
Professor Eduardo Viola, University of Brasilia, ‘Brazilian interests and global climate change’.


Please note: The Governor of the Brazilian Central Bank, Dr Henrique Meirelles will be giving the 2009 Annual Global Economic Governance Lecture at 5pm on Wednesday 4th November in the Examination Schools.


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