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Throughout FGV's International Relations course, students will be introduced to the main concepts and discussions that characterize the field, covering topics such as geopolitics and diplomacy, conflicts and humanitarian crises, global economy and finance, international development cooperation, negotiation in multicultural contexts, public policy evaluation and Big Data.

The key differential of the course is the training in skills that prepare students for professional experiences in diverse global careers. Whether in elective courses such as the “Professional Skills Workshops” or in other mandatory courses, students learn a repertoire of concepts, methods and techniques to give technical advice as consultants, develop qualified analyses of political and economic scenarios, manage projects, write opinion articles for major news media, produce and manage large databases and interpret statistics. At the end of the course, graduates are qualified to perform these tasks proficiently in multicultural and multilingual environments.

The first two years are dedicated to the required courses. From the 5th semester onwards, students have the opportunity to choose a number of subjects that will make up their course program. Graduates may enroll in electives offered by the School of International Relations or by the other FGV Schools. They will also have the option of taking intensive courses and immersions in Rio de Janeiro and other cities in Brazil and in the world. We thus offer an undergraduate course that is both personalized and flexible, consistent with the preferences, aptitudes and career plans of each student.

Another element that gives versatility to the course and enriches our graduates’ experiences are extracurricular activities. This category includes, but is not limited to, participation in events, conferences and Model UN activities; student bodies; the implementation of extension projects; language courses.

The practical application of knowledge obtained in the course is of paramount importance for the training of our students and their entrance into the job market. Therefore, at the end of the course, a supervised internship is required.


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