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06/29 - 10/22/2021

Exchange Program

FGV has been a leader in the production of cutting-edge knowledge for seven decades. Our institution has a unique staff, in terms of excellence, professors and researchers. The Foundation's experience and excellence has allowed us to cultivate a network that encompasses more than 150 international institutions of excellence.

For us, exchange programs, whether short or long term, offer great opportunities for intellectual, professional, and personal development. At FGV RI, internationalization is present throughout the program: a good part of the regular courses are taught in English, giving students the necessary training to write, debate, and negotiate in a foreign language at a professional level. In addition, we value the identification and creation of new partnerships.



Partnerships in all five continents

FGV RI has exchange agreements with excellent educational institutions on all of the five continents. Students can participate in programs such as

Academic exchange abroad (6 months to 1 year in duration);

Summer courses at the world's top universities;

Summer internships and volunteer programs at international organizations;

Immersion trips to Brasilia, border regions and international organizations;