Frequently asked questions

  • What is the duration of the MBA?
  • The MBA in International Relations has the approximate duration of one year and eight months - it consists of three modules that last from six to seven months each.
  • I have a trip abroad scheduled during a period of the course. Is it possible to drop subjects and take them later on?
  • Yes. Students can drop subjects at any time and take them later on. The cancellation must happen before the beginning of the class.
  • What is the time limit for concluding all the disciplines of the MBA?
  • The time limit for completing the degree is forty-eight months.
  • Is it possible to sign up for a course that had previously been dropped in a different city?
  • Yes. Courses which have been dropped can also be taken in cities other than the one where it was first offered (Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo).
  • Is there any sort of academic disadvantage if I start the course in the second or third module?
  • No. The MBA in International Relations was conceived as a course in three modules, and students can start off from any of them without any harm to the learning process.
  • Can I take international modules in the MBA?
  • Yes. The Instituto de Desenvolvimento Educacional has a series of partnerships with foreign institutions, which allow students to undertake part of the MBA abroad. The list of partnerships is available here
  • Can I attend classes in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, but take exams in the state where I live?
  • Yes. It is possible to take the MBA’s exams in any city which has a FGV partner which is applying the exam at the same date and time. You can consult the full list of FGV partners here..
  • I am interested in pursuing an academic career. Will the MBA in International Relations be useful for me?
  • Yes. Despite focusing on the demands of the job market, the MBA in International Relations introduces students to all areas of International Relations, as well as the main issues debated in today’s world. There are many cases in which students become interested in the themes approached during the course and go on to develop academic research, often in important universities abroad.
  • What are the possibilities of discount for the course tuition?
  • Firstly, there is a fractioned table, which establishes discounts for early enrolment. Furthermore, there is the possibility of a 5% discount when two or more people approved in the admission process enrol simultaneously. In case of a partnership between a company/public organisation with FGV, all employees have a 10% discount for the MBA — the establishment of the partnership can be easily done through the enrolment sector. Former FGV students of other MBAs or lato sensu postgraduate courses have the right to 30% discount.
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