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The undergraduate program in International Relations at FGV was designed to train students in Brazil for a global career. Our students go on to build successful professional lives working in international organizations, investment banks, NGOs, political risk consultancies, multinational corporations, media and communication, as well as in applied research.

Throughout the course, students will come in contact with a range of areas of study within International Relations, such as geopolitics and diplomacy, conflicts and humanitarian crises, global economics and finance, international cooperation and development, negotiation techniques in multicultural contexts, policy evaluation, and Big Data. To access the course curriculum, click here

From day one our students learn the tools to prepare themselves for professional life. They acquire a repertoire of concepts, methods and techniques to offer consultancy, make qualified analyses of political and economic scenarios, manage complex international projects, write grant applications, compose op-eds for the press, produce and manage large databases, interpret statistics and draw negotiation strategies. At the end of the course, graduates are qualified to perform these tasks with proficiency in multicultural environments. Our job is to ensure all graduates have the tools they need to make the best professional choices and build their own productive and creative trajectory.

Students have the option of engaging in exchange programs, participating in internships, capstone projects, and volunteer work in Brazil and abroad, giving them real experience in an international working environment. In order to prepare students for these experiences, a significant part of the program will be offered in English.

Our faculty has training in world-renowned institutions abroad and extensive experience in applied research, in addition to connections with the market, including international organizations, risk analysis consultancies and government agencies, among others. Learn more about the faculty and their research projects in the Team section.

Registration for the admission process is now open! There are a number of paths to admission to our undergraduate program. Prospective students can apply through one of our international entrance procedures, using their grades from a number of international tests, including the IB, the Abitur, the Baccalaureate, and the SAT. Students can also choose to take part in the FGV entrance examination (in Portuguese) or submit their results from Brazil’s national university admission test (ENEM). To sign up and access the terms of reference click here.



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