About the Career Center

Career Center

FGV IR prepares students to move through the job market with ease and land internships and full-time positions, both in Brazil and abroad. Our Career Center offers the following activities.

Ícone Conversas de Carreira

Career Talks

Regular meetings to seek career advice from IR professionals. Our guests include employees at multinational companies, transnational NGOs, the United Nations, private consultancies, investment banks, the oil & gas industry, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Brazilian National Congress, the Brazilian Federal Police, foreign trade offices, etc.

Ícone Mentorias


Students have the opportunity to establish a mentoring relationship with one of our undergraduate or  graduate alumni, at home or abroad. Mentoring helps develop students' presence in professional networks. Learn more about the FGV IR Alumni Network.  



Volunteer activities are increasingly valued by employers worldwide. The Career Center helps you find the best opportunities.

Ícone Feira de Carreiras

Career Fair

Every year FGV organizes a career fair to promote contacts between students and future employers.

Ícone Estágio

Supervised Internships

Completing an internships is a mandatory component of the International Relations course at FGV, and can be done both in Brazil and abroad.

Ícone Iniciação Científica

Undergraduate Research

Starting in their first semester, students interested in acquiring skills and competencies in cutting-edge research can participate in projects coordinated by the School's professors. At the end of their year-long project, each undergrad researcher produces an academic paper and presents it in a research seminar composed of professors and colleagues.

Ícone Oficinas Profissionais

Professional Workshops

These are regular courses in the FGV IR curriculum aimed at preparing students for competitive selection processes to enter the job market. 

A sample of courses offered by the Career Center

  • Planning for first-time interns and first-time job seekers
  • Résumé development
  • Interview Techniques
  • Writing motivation letters
  • Applying to scholarships and exchange programs abroad
  • Developing projects for graduate programs abroad
  • Job interview training
  • Strategies for careers in multinational companies
  • Strategies for careers in financial markets
  • Strategies for careers in international organizations
  • Strategies for careers in political risk consulting firms
  • Strategies for careers in the public sector
  • Networking strategies for first-time job seekers