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Fundação Getulio VargasFundação Getulio Vargas has a long tradition of research and public service in the area of international relations in Brazil.

The creation of the Center for International Relations in 2009 reflects FGV’s strong commitment to promoting/ the promotion of teaching and research in the most pressing issues of global politics. Our focus has been on research related to the international relations of Brazil, European Studies, and the role of emerging powers in global transformations.

The Center is part of FGV’s School of History and School of Social Sciences and benefits from close cooperation with the other units within the school and , its archives and oral history programs.

The Center for International Relations at FGV seeks to promote and develop research and teaching in the fields of International Relations and Contemporary Global History. We explicitly emphasize empirical work that is conceptually informed. We take great advantage of our location within the FGV School of History and School of Social Sciences, where correlate areas of faculty expertise include history, sociology, anthropology, and political science. The School is home to the largest repository in Brazil of oral histories and private archives, and a key feature of our institutional identity is the use and acquisition of primary sources pertaining to Brazil's foreign relations (click here for further information on our holdings). In recent years we have also emerged as a place for policy-oriented debate.

Check our annual activity report here.

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